How Much Does A Full Grown Elephant Weigh?

How Much Does A Full Grown Elephant Weigh?
To understand an elephant’s weight and size, we first need to classify them into specific groups. The Asian and two varieties of African elephants are all slightly different sizes. They typically only differ by a small margin. However, even a percentage of difference in a huge animal can be quite significant when looking at it from a human perspective.

So how much does a full grown elephant weigh?

Howmuch does an elephant weigh? On scales at 13000
African savanna elephants aren’t just the largest type of elephant. They’re also the largest and the heaviest land based animal in the world. An adult male averages at 10.5 feet tall (3.2 meters) and 12,000 lbs. to 13,000 lbs. (5,443 to 5,896 kg.) The African savanna elephant is also known as the African bush elephant.

The difference between a male and female African savanna elephant is even more extreme than with the African forest elephant or Asian elephant. The average female African savanna elephant is 8.5 feet tall (2.59 meters) and weighs 6,000 lbs. (2,721kg.)

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At maturity an adult male Asian elephant is typically about 9 feet tall. (2.74 meters.) It will typically weigh in at about 5,400 lbs. to 8,800 lbs. (2,449 to 3,991 kg.) An adult female will typically be about 15% lighter and shorter than an adult male Asian elephant.

The male African forest elephant has an average height of about 7 feet tall. (2.13 meters.) This makes them just a little shorter than the Asian elephant. They typically weigh about 5,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. (2,267 to 2,721kg.) Female African forest elephants are significantly smaller at about 20% of the height and weight of males.

Did you know, that a male elephant is called a bull? While a female elephant is called a cow.


Comparison of the elephant to other animals.

Elephant size comparison to shark.
To compare the weight of an elephant to other species, such as: A great white shark can grow up to 5,000lbs. (2,268 kg.) A killer whale can weigh up to 13,210 lbs. (5,592 kg.)


elephant height comparison.
For the height of an elephant, the African savanna elephant is about 10.5 feet high. A giraffe is around 18 feet high, while a ostrich is 9 feet tall.


How Much Does The Biggest Elephant Weigh?

Of course when we ask, how much does a full grown elephant weigh, we’re probably curious about the largest examples. What’s the largest and heaviest elephant that we’ve officially recorded? Not surprisingly a male African savanna elephant holds the record for size and weight. He measured a shoulder height of 13.1 feet tall. And this impressive animal weighed in at a shocking 21,200 lbs.

Amazingly enough, this doesn’t just mean he’s the largest elephant we’ve ever seen. It also means that this particular elephant is the single largest land animal to be officially measured.

To put this size in perspective the average car only weighs 2,800 lbs. This one elephant is equivalent to the weight of about seven and a half cars. The elephant even comes close to the size of a city bus. Those typically weigh around 22,000 to 28,000 lbs.


The Elephant’s Family Tree

Elephants belong to a biological order called proboscideans. At one time this order held a wide variety of elephants and elephant-like animals. Mammoths are probably the best known of these now extinct cousins of the modern elephant. Elephants became the last survivor of this family line around 3,700 years ago when the last remnants of the mammoths died off. The order does still contain multiple species of elephant.

Until fairly recently researchers firmly divided modern elephants into one of two species. These are the Asian and African elephants. Genetic testing has shown that we should further divide African elephants into distinct groups. These are the African savanna elephant and the African forest elephant.

The two types of African elephant look quite similar. However, they’re as genetically dissimilar from each other as a lion and tiger. Or to keep it in the same family, an African savanna elephant is about as closely related to the African forest elephant as he is to the mammoths. The distinctions between Asian and the two varieties of African elephants are equally significant.

When we ask how large an elephant is it’s important to keep their family tree in mind. When we talk about elephants we’re really talking about three distinct species. It’s also important to keep in mind that male and female elephants differ in size. A male elephant is typically significantly larger than a female elephant of the same age. However, the extent of this size difference also depends on whether it’s an Asian or African elephant.


How Long Does An Elephant Live?

The African elephant lives around 60 to 70 years. The Asian elephant lives for around 50 to 60 years and longer in captivity.


How Much Does A Baby Elephant Weigh?

How Much Does A Baby Elephant Weigh? A calf walking near her mother.
A baby elephant can weigh 200 lbs. (About 91kg), or more, depending on if it is an Asian or African elephant. A male baby African elephant can be around 364 lbs. (165 kg).

A baby elephant is called a calf.


The Elephant in the Room.

It’s hard to miss an elephant. They’re among the largest living species on earth. What’s more, elephants have an incredibly impressive intelligence.

They’re not only one of the largest species on earth but also the most intelligent. They’re so remarkable that we use the phrase “elephant in the room” to indicate something which is quite literally impossible to ignore.

But we also tend to think of elephants as larger than life. But these amazing animals aren’t outside the realm of human understanding.

Humanity has learned a lot about elephants over the years. And we’ve even managed to properly determine how large elephants will be during various phases of their life.