What Are Some Of The Smartest Animals?

What Are Some Of The Smartest Animals?
The thinking ability of animals continues to evolve in ways that provide them with the best chance to conquer the challenges presented to them by their environment.

Humans compare indicators like math skills, abstract thinking, and social learning capacity to identify the most intelligent among them. Many of the same factors become relevant for people who wish to answer the question: What are some of the smartest animals in the world?


Top 7 Animals That Are Smarter Than You Think

No. 1 Are Elephants Smart?

Are elephants smart? Elephant with calf.
The elephant has the largest brain of any animal that dwells on land. The brains of elephants also contain a neuron count similar to the neurons present in the human brain.

Many people have heard about the great memories that elephants possess at least once in their life. Elephants have also impressed onlookers with collaborative efforts to solve puzzles and other tasks.

The intelligence of elephants extends to their emotional capacity, and the species is capable of being extremely empathetic.


No. 2 Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees share more DNA with human beings than any other animal. So if you consider humans to be intelligent, it should come as no surprise to find chimpanzees among the list of most intelligent animals.

Chimpanzees show off their intelligence when they make tools, use sign language, and work as a group to search for food.

Chimpanzees also possess a highly developed system of emotions that allows them to empathize with others, exhibit selflessness, and show signs of self-awareness.


No. 3 Dolphin

Are dolphins smart?
Dolphin brains are relatively large when compared to their bodies. Many experts find themselves fascinated by the fact dolphin brains possess more folds than the human brain.

Some experts even view this as possible evidence that dolphins are intellectually superior to the human species.

Dolphins are one in a small group of animal species that have demonstrated the ability to recognize unfamiliar markings on themselves in a mirror. These aquatic mammals have also use sea sponges to protect their snouts while searching the ocean floor for food.


No. 4 Domesticated Dog

Two dogs.
Anyone posed with the question: what are some of the smartest animals would be in error if they did not consider man’s best friend among the list. Dogs make use of their high levels of emotional intelligence to relate to their human families.

Dogs will give a primate a run for its money when it comes to making human-like gestures. Dogs also respond well to inaudible commands from humans. Dogs understand the message conveyed when a person points a finger or uses their eyes to draw attention to a nearby object.

Experts estimate that the average dog can understand well over 100 words. However, some dogs have proven they can recall the names of more than 1,000 objects.

No. 5 Pigs

Intelligent pigs.
A fact that may surprise many animal lovers is that pigs are among the smartest domesticated animals on earth. Pigs can solve mazes and respond to the emotional cues of others. Pigs are also able to detect their reflection in a mirror at younger ages than human children.

Pigs possess the capability for abstract thought and enjoy playing games on computers. Pigs make a real-world statement regarding their intelligence with their tendency to outperform other animals even when in an environment that favors the other animal.


No. 6 Are Crows Intelligent?

Are Crows Intelligent?
Crows often use leaf stems and sticks to form probes they can use to inspect the crowns of palm trees. They are the only members of the bird family known to make and use tools in this manner. The tool-making ability becomes more impressive when you consider that young crows learn and perfect this craft by watching older birds.

Another demonstration of crow intelligence is a tactic used by the birds to crack the nuts they gather. A crow will set his nuts in the road. This action paves the way for a passing car to crack the shell for the bird. Crows can recognize the faces of humans with whom they spend time. They can also communicate complex concepts among themselves.

Crows are very intelligent. It is interesting, that I rarely see a crow as a casualty that has been hit by a car on the side of the road. Unfortunately, I see other bird species lying on the side of the road, having been struck by a car. Even though the crow can be a scavenger and feeds on the other carcasses frequently, they are smart enough to get off the road and avoid being hit by the traffic.


No. 7 Rats

Rats? Yes, rats are an intelligent. Most people would not be thrilled to see a rat in their home. But there is a reason the rodents are so welcome in laboratory settings. Rats make great students and are quick to learn and understand new concepts. Many animal experts believe rats are as capable of problem-solving as dogs.

Rats do not enjoy great vision but are still able to navigate mazes well. Once a rat discovers the best route to navigate a maze, they remember it forever.

One study completed with rats showed the capacity the species has for empathy. The rats in the study showed how willing they were to help friends forced to tread water. The rats would not abandon their friends even when given the alternative of enjoying a treat.


Conclusion – What are some of the smartest animals?

We hope you enjoyed the top 7 animals that are smarter than you think. Some of the animals are a surprise to be included in the group. Other animals like the dolphin and elephant are widely known for their intelligence.

Parrots and killer whales are also known for their brainpower.

The world is truly a remarkable place. Thank you for reading.